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Annuities offer their owners the opportunity to systematically liquidate a principal sum or save money for a long-term objective. For many annuity buyers, the objective is to provide income during retirement. As we see in further examination of annuities, they provide owners with a number of advantages; principal among them amon them is their tax treatment. By purchasing and investing in an annuity, a contract owner can avoid current income taxation of earnings. By avoiding current income taxation, earnings that might have been used to pay current income taxes can be invested to produce additional income.

Annuities' tax advantages aren't limited to tax deferral, however; annuities off additional tax advantages. For example, an investor purchasing a variable annuity can change his or her investment allocation in the contract's variable subaccounts whenever desired. Typically, such changes are made in order to implement new objectives or to modify the level of risk assumed. From a tax point of view, the important issue is that the contract owner can make these changes without being required to recognize income as would be required if, for example, the investor liquidated his or her stock portfolio in order to purchase bonds. In addition to these tax benefits, a contract owner that elects to annuitize his annuity contract, i.e. to take a periodic income from it, will find that part of each periodic income payment may be tax free as a return of his or her investment in the annuity contract.

Annuities may be distinguished from one another in a number of ways. Annuity contracts may be any of the following:
  • Fixed or variable
  • Deferred or immediate
  • Single premium or flexible premium
  • Qualified or non-qualifies
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